Virtute officii

VIRTUTE OFFICII. By virtue of his office. A sheriff, a constable, and some other officers may, virtute officii, apprehend a man who has been guilty of a crime in their presence.

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In the wake of the suspension of November 1871 and the interdict of December, O'Keeffe's position as regards the other posts he held, effectively virtute officii, chaplain to the workhouse and manager of the national schools, became somewhat anomalous.
In the absence of some such provision, the presumption would be that an officeholder with powers virtute officii has fiduciary powers(151) that must be exercised exclusively in the interests of the beneficiaries under the trust so that it would be a fraud on the power to exercise the power to benefit the settlor, not being a beneficiary.
Where the powers were conferred on the protector virtute officii, they are presumed to be fiduciary powers, as is also the case if the powers were conferred on them by name when, in the particular circumstances, they were selected as donees of the power because they were protectors.