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Founded in 1992, visavis Filmproduktion GmbH offers an extensive array of services in preproduction, shooting, and postproduction for national and international feature film and television productions.
Visavis Filmproduktion GmbH needed a solution that would streamline and organize their daily workflow, including archival, rental, and scheduling processes.
If BJP wins, it would have a completely different connotation, both nationally andinternationally, and more specially visavis Pakistan.
Of course, there were some irritants visavis all governments in Afghanistan did not accept the Durand Line, although the United Nations recognized it as the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Despite a decline in forecasted sugar production in 2015 visavis previous year, prices are expected to remain rangebound over the foreseeable horizon on account of carry over stocks.
The Task Force members noted that Islam has followed a very different historical trajectory visavis its support and tolerance for scientific ideas and developments in its early days as compared to other major world faiths such as Christianity or Judaism.
FAISALABAD -- Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association (PYMA) has stressed the need for maintaining appropriate balance in cotton yarn prices within the country visavis prices of cotton yarn imported from India by imposition of 15% regulatory duty.
Official sources told here on Friday that the administration has started strictly monitoring the professional activities of the local Cable Operators visavis the transmission of the programmes of various permitted local and foreign TV channels.
Replying to a question, he said the government was working on shortterm, midterm and longterm projects visavis energy and
While visiting Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) the delegation was welcomed by the Chairman GPA, Dostain Khan Jamaldini followed by a detailed presentation about the existing and future initiatives for promotion of searoute economic activities through Gwadar Deep Sea Port visavis Gwadar Port Master Plan, enabling Gwadar for serving as a shortest route for Central Asia, South Asia and Middle East, especially linking vital silk route with China.