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A detailed presentation on functions of SMEDA, international trade trends visavis export of Red Meat from Pakistan and compliance requirements across value chain of Red Meat was also given to the participants.
However, one should not ignore other contents of Usama Mehmood's statement visavis "the group focuses on American targets, the puppet rulers in Pakistan, and America's mercenaries in the Pakistani security and intelligence services.
He said there was also a need to study the proposal visavis existing laws regulating firecrackers.
A abordagem avaliativa se beneficiou tanto do conhecimento sobre a concepcao e as principais caracteristicas do programa visavis ao conhecimento do contexto, o que dificultava o processo de tomada de decisao e o debate das propostas e acoes junto a comunidade de Manguinhos.
amp; LONDON -- Xytech Systems Corporation, a leading provider of software for media business workflow, resource scheduling, and media asset management, announced today that visavis Filmproduktion GmbH, Berlin, Germany, has selected the Xytech Enterprise software to streamline its business workflow and business operations.
Khan has ordered Moin to return home immediately to explain his position visavis his visit to the casino", it elaborated.
The standing committee on defence in its report tabled in Parliament has observed that the national security is being "compromised" with a "fasteroding" combat aircraft squadron strength of the Indian Air Force visavis the neighbouring countries, leading to a "very grim" situation, a parliamentary panel said today.
Not that the government in saddles is ignorant about the severity of the situation but things have gone so worse, visavis these two major issues, that it has become awfully difficult for it to bring these two extremely vital problems under immediate control.
We are now adopting a policy of zero tolerance visavis such nefarious activities.
The positive outlook takes into account the improved trend in financial indicators of the banks, which has augmented the relative positioning of the institution visavis peers.
If BJP wins, it would have a completely different connotation, both nationally andinternationally, and more specially visavis Pakistan.