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where [k.sub.l], [b.sub.l] are the respectively, coefficients of rigidity and viscous friction of the loading.
--increasing viscous friction coefficient by 50% [[??].sub.v] = 0.0025 N x m x s/rad at the time [t.sub.2] = 5 s.
Viscous friction between the outer gear outer radius and housing
Table 1--Simulation Parameters Simulation Parameters Simulation values Mass (m) 300kg Radius of wheel(R) 0.25m Initial velocities of vehicle ([upsilon]) 30m/[s.sup.2] Initial velocities of wheel([omega]) 120rad/s Moment of mertia (J) 50kg*[m.sup.2] Aerodynamic drag coefficient ([c.sub.[upsilon]) 0.595N/[m.sup.2]/s Viscous friction coefficient (C) 0.8 Desired slip ratio ([[lambda].sub.d]) 0.2
TABLE 1 Range of motion and torque characteristics of the MAHI EXO-II and RiceWrist-S RANGE OF MOTION (deg) TORQUE (Nm) Joint ADL ME-II RW-S ADL ME-II RW-S Elbow F/E 150 90 -- 3.5 7.35 -- Forearm P/S 150 180 180 0.06 2.75 1.69 Wrist F/E 115 65 130 0.35 1.45 3.37 Wrist R/U 70 63 75 0.35 1.45 2.11 TABLE 2 Dynamic characteristics of the MAHI EXO-II and RiceWrist-S STATIC FRICTION (Nm) INERTIA ([kgm.sup.2] Joint ME-II RW-S ME-II RW-S Elbow F/E 0.95 -- 0.27 -- Forearm P/S 0.14 0.22 0.026 0.026 Wrist F/E 0.11 0.20 0.002 0.012 Wrist R/U 0.11 0.21 0.003 0.005 VISCOUS FRICTION CLOSED-LOOP (Nms/rad) POSITION BW (Hz) Joint ME-II RW-S ME-II RW-S Elbow F/E 0.12 -- 2.8 -- Forearm P/S 0.017 0.43 4.2 3.5 Wrist F/E 0.028 0.085 13.3 6.0 Wrist R/U 0.023 0.14 10.6 8.3
Geometrical parameters of the hydraulic cylinder: piston diameter [d.sub.p] = 3 cm, rod diameter [d.sub.t] = 1.4 cm, section [S.sub.3] =7.068 [cm.sup.2], section [S.sub.4] = 5.529 [cm.sup.2], initial left chamber length [l.sub.30] = 2 cm, initial right chamber length [l.sub.40] = 14.5 cm, initial liquid mass in the left chamber [m.sub.30] = 12.040 g, initial liquid mass in the right chamber [m.sub.40] = 68.280 g, piston-rod ensemble mass m = 1 kg, viscous friction coefficient between the piston and cylinder f = 5 Ns/m.
According to Equation 4, for a given pressure drop, the higher the [A.sub.V] value, the lower the viscous friction loss and, therefore, the better the valve performance.
"Response of a base excited system with Coulomb and Viscous friction", Journal of Sound and Vibration, 64(3):371 -378.
The simple harmonic oscillator damped by sliding friction, as compared to linear viscous friction, provides an important example of a nonlinear system that can be solved exactly.
Under the influence of elastic links in combination with the manifestation of <<negative>> viscous friction ([[beta].sub.C] < 0), vibrations are excited in EMS with destabilization of the control processes and loss of stability [10].
where K(t), D(t), and F(t) are the mode-dependent coefficients corresponding to the torque, viscous friction, and Coulomb friction, respectively.
One inertia indicates the engine flywheel [J.sub.e] with viscous friction de.