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VISNE. The neighborhood; a neighboring place; a place near at hand; the venue. (q.v.)
     2. Formerly the visne was confined to the immediate neighborhood, where the cause of action arose, and many verdicts were disturbed because the visne was too large, which, becoming a great grievance several statutes were passed to remedy the evil. The 21 James I, c. 13, gives aid after verdict where the visne is partly wrong, that is, where it is warded out of too many or too few places in the county named. The 16 and 17 Charles II. c. 8, goes further, and cures defects of the visne wholly, so that the cause is tried by a jury of the proper county. Vide Venue.

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Many of the bars in Bitez have plumped-up cushions or hammocks for you to sink in and enjoy your chilled glass of Visne -sour cherry juice.
Zaytinya also serves a variety of raki, ouzo and araks, and eclectic Mediterranean cocktails such as Visne Soda (Absolut & Visne--sour cherry juice topped with Sprite); Black Sea (Absolut, Ouzo and Kahlua, served in Turkish coffee-rimmed Martini glass); Orange Blossom-Apricot Cocktail (Stoli Ohranj, apricot juice and orange blossom); and the Ouzorita (Absolut, fresh lime juice and Ouzo), in a Martini glass with a crescent salted rim.
The following four papers, by Ozden Zeynep Oktav, Visne Korkmaz, Gareth M.