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[Latin, Force or violence.] A term employed in many legal phrases and maxims, such as vis injuriosa, "wrongful force."

See: ability, coercion, compulsion, essence, faculty, force, impetus, import, importance, influence, life, meaning, power, pressure, significance, signification, stock, store, strength

VIS. A Latin word which signifies force. In law it means any kind of force, violence, or disturbance, relating to a man's person or his property.

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Hoh Viss ran at Leicester because the ground at the Berkshire track had changed.
With a focus on higher order thinking as well as subject knowledge, and by using ongoing assessments as well as final exams, the students at VISS are extremely well prepared for their next stage of life.
According to the company, Vimicro Tianjin will acquire the complete ViSS business including all property, plant and equipment, inventories, business contracts, intellectual property and service and development capabilities in China.
Conversely, depending on what you make of his subsequent runaway Fontwell victory, you could argue that Hoh Viss has already achieved a good deal more.
Dr Roderick Crouch, principal at VISS, also encouraged the students to take advantage of the great opportunity and to think about entrepreneurship and self-employment as a viable career choice.
This was a unique opportunity for the school," said Dr Roderick Crouch, Principal of VISS.
He found Hoh Viss too strong for him on that occasion but never broke sweat when cheekily beating subsequent handicap winner Alphabetical over an extended two miles and one furlong at the same course in December.
Not that VISS fared any better, as the half ended with a 12-12 tie.
CHARLIE MANN extended his record of failure at Jockey Club inquiries yesterday when losing his appeal against the pounds 1,200 fine he incurred after running Hoh Viss at Leicester on November 27, rather than at Newbury, which was the horse's first preference, writes Graham Green.
VISS on the other hand will need to win their next two games.