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HALLUCINATION, med. jur. It is a species of mania, by which "an idea reproduced by the memory is associated and embodied by the imagination." This state of mind is sometimes called delusion or waking dreams.
     2. An attempt has been made to distinguish hallucinations from illusions; the former are said to be dependent on the state of the intellectual organs and, the latter, on that of those of sense. Ray, Med. Jur. Sec. 99; 1 Beck, med. Jur. 538, note. An instance is given of a temporary hallucination in the celebrated Ben Johnson, the poet. He told a friend of his that he had spent many a night in looking at his great toe, about which he had seen Turks and Tartars, Romans and Carthagenians, fight, in his imagination. 1 Coll. on Lun. 34. If, instead of being temporary, this affection of his mind had been permanent, he would doubtless have been considered insane. See, on the subject of spectral illusions, Hibbert, Alderson and Farrar's Essays; Scott on Demonology, &c.; Bostock's Physiology, vol. 3, p. 91, 161; 1 Esquirol, Maladies Mentales, 159.

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In our patient, we observed rapid amelioration of distressing AVH, visual hallucinations, and visual imagery with add-on HD-tDCS.
In particular, cognitive fluctuations, visual hallucinations and idiopathic parkinsonism have a high rate of incidence and are considered to be core symptoms of the disease.
2003) Complex visual hallucinations in the visually impaired: The Charles Bonnet Syndrome, abstract.
After 4 weeks of treatment the visual hallucinations resolved completely (without any use of anti-psychotic medications), and there was a significant improvement in the patient's anxiety symptoms and agoraphobia; the HAM-A scores had dropped to 14 and the HAM-D score had dropped to 4.
He was admitted to a psychiatric hospital at the age of forty-eight years old where the admitting doctor described his symptoms as visual hallucinations and started him on Risperidone, which increased the intensity of his symptoms.
Around 64% of CBS sufferers don't tell anyone about their visual hallucinations, so Ms Odedra encouraged optometrists to ask their visually impaired patients about any symptoms and provide reassurance about the condition.
Amjad Akram, talking about visual hallucinations said that the symptom of visual hallucination overlaps multiple disciplines including ophthalmology psychiatry and neurology.
Mr Crossland said that Dr Flaherty had been diagnosed with Charles Bonnet syndrome, a condition that causes visual hallucinations, but that he did not have a severe case and that it did not extend to physical sensations.
Aside from the familiar cognitive symptoms of dementia, Lewy's includes visual hallucinations as well as movement disorders that may be related to Parkinson's.
So when Lewis crafts descriptions of the twisted thoughts of Nathan Hart--found not guilty by reason of insanity of killing three members of his family--there is an authentic ring to his paranoid schizophrenic delusions of being hard-wired to God's voice, among other auditory and visual hallucinations.
This was followed by myoclonic jerks, hand tremors, gait instability, and visual hallucinations which were all noted upon presentation.

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