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At a distance of just 900,000 light years it presents a size on the sky of 9.8x7.4 arcmin and although it has a visual magnitude of 9.8 the large size means that its surface brightness is extremely low.
Slightly elliptical in shape with a size of 38 x 35 arcseconds, it has a quoted visual magnitude of between 10 and 12 depending upon the reference--although most sources tend towards the fainter magnitude.
The CMD plots the apparent visual magnitude of stars in the cluster vertically against their observed colour horizontally with blue (hot) stars to the left and red (cool) stars to the right.
T Cas typically varies from visual magnitude 8.5 to 11.5 and back every 445 days, though it has been reported as bright as 6.9 and as faint as 13.
It has a quoted visual magnitude of 5, but with a size on the sky of approximately 2x1[degrees] this translates into an extremely low surface brightness, making the nebula difficult to see in a large telescope and often easier to see in small binoculars (a similar phenomenon occurs with the galaxy M33).
Often referred to as the Great Northern Globular, M13 is a wonderful object in any instrument and with a visual magnitude of 5.8 and a diameter of 21 arcminutes can be seen as a slightly fuzzy star by the unaided eye from a dark location.

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