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Schlesinger's Vital Center was vital in that he called for liberals to summon a "fighting faith" in defense of their middle ground between the Chamber of Commerce and Joseph Stalin.
Ross tells a story that has escaped public attention: the emergence of Hollywood as a vital center of political life and the important role that movie stars have played in shaping the course of American politics.
"When the margins crawl with insanity," he wrote, "it is all the more important for the vital center of calm, reasonable, evidence-based thought to hold." Where is that vital center?
companies have taken the first step in constructing effective ethics programs by developing written codes of ethics or standards of conduct--documents which form the vital center of any serious effort to ensure ethical practices within a company." " ...
"We believe that due to the amount and nature of work being undertaken in the corrosion prevention in the Gulf region and considering the region's position as a vital center of world oil export, it is inevitable to hold such a prestigious event here," says BSE in a statement.
Hosted by Indianapolis Mayor and NLC President Bart Peterson and co-sponsored by the Michigan Municipal League and Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, the session focused discussion on the findings and policy recommendations found in The Vital Center: A Federal-State Compact to Renew the Great Lakes Region, a report from the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program.
When Arthur Schlesinger wrote "The Vital Center" in 1949, the center was acknowledged to be liberal, in which the traditional role of government is investing in the common good within the framework of a free capitalist society.
Despite the changes, Reichard's theme remains consistent: The period between 1945 and 1960 was "the last sustained period when 'politics as usual' prevailed in the United States." What other writers have seen as the age of the "vital center" or of the "liberal consensus," Reichard, a historian and administrator at California State University, Long Beach, sees as a period of "a seemingly purposeful equilibrium."
The first "Greater New York" was explicitly staged to recuperate a notion of New York as a vital center of artistic production rather than just the art world's premier commercial conduit.
Often, an apartment has become a vital center of life, where the family has lived for years and raised children.
He focuses upon the efforts of a nation to maintain the "vital center," as in Arthur Schlesinger's passionate 1949 work, The Vital Center: Our Purposes and Perils on the Tightrope of American Liberalism, while movies reflected the anxieties of this era.
Yet the vital center of today's Tolkien fandom is, of all things; a Web site:, which draws over 1 million unique users per month.