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Early diagnosis of vitamin deficiency can facilitate early nutritional intervention.
14.7% prevalence in Kolkata and Vitamin deficiency present study results (3.2%) were comparable with Srinivasan study in Tirupathi (3.2%).
Vitamin deficiency has become one of the biggest banes of this ever growing society.
If you are worried that you have a vitamin deficiency, or if you have been feeling inexplicably tired please see your GP.
M2 PHARMA-May 23, 2014-Biohit unveils CE-IVD marked test for diagnosis of B12 vitamin deficiency
Eye problems are usually a sign of sickness or vitamin deficiency in terrapins.
The relationship between acid-suppressing medication use and B12 deficiency was present in patients with no other risk factors for vitamin deficiency, as well as amongst those with 1 or more risk factors.
The study unveils that use of vitamin D pills can ward off osteoporosis only in those older people who have the vitamin deficiency.
One of the lawyers for the Ministry of Detainees' and Ex-detainees' Affairs, Fadi Obeidat, said that Hamdan's health is worsening, and that he suffers from low blood pressure and heart rate, as well as vitamin deficiency and a weakened heart muscle.
Seek prompt veterinary attention if your dog shows any signs of a vitamin deficiency: Vitamin A: vision problems, skin lesions, poor hair coat, decline in appetite, weight loss, stunted growth.
Smoking, unnecessary medication, malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, lack of exercise, heart disease, diabetes can all be addressed.
(1) In the absence of early treatment, infants and children with CF are subject to growth failure and prolonged vitamin deficiency. Anthropometric measures of nutritional status include height and weight, weight relative to height, and, for infants and young children, head circumference.