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If you are worried that you have a vitamin deficiency, or if you have been feeling inexplicably tired please see your GP.
23 May 2014 - Finnish diagnostics firm Biohit Oyj (HEL:BIOBV) said Friday it had introduced a CE-IVD registered rapid test for the diagnosis of B12 vitamin deficiency from venous blood sample.
Those who had both knees affected at follow-up had a significant, twofold increased risk of vitamin deficiency, compared with people who did not develop any knee OA, she said at the congress, organized by the Osteoarthritis Research Society International.
Within the course of the next two months, 16,800 jars of jams, salads and pickled vegetables will be produced and distributed to 560 conflict-affected households in Osh and Jalal-Abad, which should help prevent major vitamin deficiency and associated health hazards in wintertime.
Who would have thought that vitamin deficiency would be a continuing public health problem in 20107
Your doctor can rule out possible physical causes of depression such as a vitamin deficiency, thyroid problems, medication side effects, stress, or other medical conditions.
Vitamin deficiency has been blamed for a range of health problems from rickets and osteoporosis from a lack of vitamin D to scurvy from not enough vitamin C.
The Welsh Assembly Government said that while a healthy diet would provide most of the vitamins needed, the free pills could help avoid vitamin deficiency illnesses, such as rickets.
If certain vitamin deficiency is confirmed, it is injected in high doses, usually intravenously.
In one striking study of vitamin deficiency, researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center found that three-quarters of children with type 1 diabetes had inadequate levels of vitamin D.