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This question is central to the essays of Ann Huppert and Marjorie Och, who compare the two editions of the Vite as a means of interrogating Vasari's attitudes toward geographical place, here Siena and Venice respectively, within the context of Vasari's social place.
die funke, plus vite blaulich verwischte kulissen wie unter nassen
As Ostrow demonstrates in his essay, the close similarities between the direct Bernini quotations recorded by Chantelou in his 1665 journal and those in the vite of Baldinucci and Domenico tend to confirm the authenticity of Bernini's voice, in part because neither Baldinucci nor Domenico were likely to have been familiar with Chantelou's journal.
But Vite also warned that the decision could have dire repercussions for retailers of all sizes throughout the state.
Vite italiane is an interesting text for North American students, not only for the manner in which it narrates aspects of Italy's modern, national reality both from the past and as it has been shaped in the present, but also because it describes a personalized and intimate view of Italy with which students, especially those of Italian origin may be unfamiliar.
Vite, "and then suddenly start behaving sort of like a robot, staring straight ahead and pacing in large circles.
I'd in vite Poshand Becks becauseI'm quite fascinated by the two.
Anthony Colantuono reads the Vite paying special attention to the use of the term scherzo.
THE MATHEMATICIAN AND POET Jacques Roubaud's collection La forme d'une ville change plus vite, helas, que le coeur des humains offers 150 poems primarily concerned with the streets of Paris: their names, their shapes, the impressions one has from them, where they lead, how they can be classified and divided into categories, how they can be made to interact both in the physical world and as names on the page.
Dentro de la relacion de pareja, aspectos como la clase socioeconomica de pertenencia, la escolaridad de ambos conyuges, el numero de hijos, la relacion entre el rol de madres y el ingreso economico que aportan, las diferencias cuando la mujer realiza o no un trabajo asalariado y su comparacion con el tipo de trabajo desempenado por su pareja, el ingreso y el status dentro del mismo, constituyen todos ellos elementos cuya importancia ha sido reconocida a traves de investigaciones realizadas en Mexico por distintos autores (Vite, 1988; Vite, 1990; Bueno, Gaitan y Gonzalez, 1992; Vite, 1992; Waleska, 1994; Fernandez, en prensa).
Cependant, a l'interieur d'une voiture, les telephones et les animaux domestiques peuvent tres vite se transformer en des distractions dangereuses susceptibles de provoquer des accidents de la route.
0029 kit bussola e vite per il collegamento alla rotaia.