Viva Voce

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Viva Voce

[Latin, With the living voice; by word of mouth.] Verbally; orally.

When applied to the examination of witnesses, the term viva voce means oral testimony as opposed to testimony contained in depositions or affidavits.

Viva voce voting is voting by speech, as distinguished from voting by a written or printed ballot.

VIVA VOCE. Living voice; verbally. It is said a witness delivers his evidence viva voce, when he does so in open court; the term is opposed to deposition. It is sometimes opposed to ballot; as, the people vote by ballot, but their representatives in the legislature, vote viva voce.

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Key Words: Problem-based learning (PBL), traditional lecture methodology, knowledge acquisition, multiple choice questions (MCQs), viva voce, recall, interpretation, problem-solving.
Home to the aforementioned Viva Voce restaurant, the hotel also offers the option of cocktails at the lovely Liquid Garden lounge located by the poolside, or afternoon tea at the elegant Library, an inviting space that is all plush sofas with coffee table books and great views.
In first session eight out of twelve students successfully completed their work and passed viva voce examination.
7] But these skills are not usually the focus of attention and studies have shown that the majority of questions in viva voce examinations require little more than recall of isolated fragments of information.
The course will see 30 per cent weightage being given to practicals in the form of a research project and viva voce.
Viva voce is the Latin expression traditionally used to refer to doctoral oral examinations.
Those of us who heard him viva voce will even recall the stresses he makes.
Following a viva voce assessment at the association's annual conference, members can join the existing 133 professionals, from the international community of contact lens industry and practice, as fellows of the BCLA.
The process of finishing a year or a semester involves final examination followed by an oral examination called viva voce (the literal Latin translation is "live voice").
La visita di Olga ba tanto piu valore se consideriamo che persecutori e sopravvissuti sono, oggi, per ragioni anagrafiche, sempre meno e nei prossimi decenni non potremo piu sentire dalla viva voce dei protagonisti la cronaca dei momenti bui della storia del Novecento.
Para poder continuar con su trabajo como profesor, Mendel debia tomar el examen estatal de licenciatura, el cual constaba de tres partes: la exposicion de conocimientos cientificos por medio de ensayos, un examen escrito y un examen a viva voce en la ciudad de Viena.