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REALITY: Implementation likely requires outside help, and IT staffers had best be spending their time learning how their jobs will be changing after VoIP comes to campus.
In line with this ruling, legislation proposed in both the House and Senate would have limited the regulatory power over VoIP strictly to the Federal government; see the VOIP Regulatory Freedom Act of 2004, HR 4129 and S 2281, 108th Cong.
The debate over the FCC regulations asks the question "Can VoIP be classified as a telephony company?
SmartStack VoIP is an off-the-shelf DSP-based voice-enabled Internet modem that enables OEMs to easily integrate the most cost-effective and smallest footprint hardware required to add Internet connectivity into their equipment.
Most SMBs are confused about the multiplicity of VoIP solutions available - including premise-based IP-PBX, managed IP-PBX, hosted VoIP, broadband VoIP, and peer-to-peer VoIP.
Our WiFi/VoIP cell phone supports dual SIM cards," said Li Kunwu, President and CEO of China VoIP & Digital Telecom Inc.
VoIP service providers belonging to XConnect's Global Alliance can join DirectRoute and begin earning revenue with no additional technical or integration requirements.
These additional capabilities will further improve our visibility into our VoIP traffic and the overall preparedness of our network and servers to deal with VoIP-specific threats.
18 PowerTel introduces wholesale VoIP business network
In addition to producing and distributing VoIP hardware, Zhongfang also provides VoIP phone services in Zhejiang Province primarily to telephone cafes in 4 cities in Zhejiang Province.
In a recent survey, 49 % of current residential VoIP users reported that they had discontinued a traditional (non-VoIP) phone service when they got their VoIP services, including nearly 12 percent of respondents who report that their only VoIP service is client-based.
As enterprise VoIP adoption continues to increase, so will the scope, frequency, and severity of VoIP-related network attacks.