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adjective able to pay, clear of encumbrance, creditworthy, financially sound, in good financial condition, moneyed, not owing, out of debt, owing nothing, with funds, with good credit
Associated concepts: solvent debt
Foreign phrases: Id solum nostrum quod debitis deductis nostrum est.That only is ours which remains to us after deduction of our debts.
See also: solid, solution, sound, substance

SOLVENT. One who has sufficient to pay his debts, and all obligations. Dig. 50, 16, 114.

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The limit of estimating plastic particle sizes using this simple method could be increasesd by using less volatile solvents.
In our original study, we observed dramatic variability in this sample in the use of 55 different volatile solvents for the purposes of getting high (Howard et al.
The sample consisted of forty high school students in the metropolitan area of Perth, Western Australia, all of whom were self-reported volatile solvent users.
Volatile solvents -- butane, gas, goop (a product used to resole shoes), paint, kerosene, gun cleaning solvents, nail polish and nail polish remover, rubber cement, paint thinner, model glue, varnish, toxic markers, lighter fluid and propane.
In order to prepare coating solution, PDMS was mixed with volatile solvent, n-hexane at different PDMS concentration (1,3, and 5 wt%).
Responses on the VSSI to nitrous oxide and volatile solvent use items were used to define four mutually exclusive study subsamples of interest: youth with lifetime use of both NO and VS inhalants (NO+VS, N = 103), youth who had used NO but not VS inhalants (NO-only, N = 11), youth who had used VS but not NO inhalants (VS-only, N = 164), and youth who had used neither NO nor VS inhalants (NO/VS nonusers, N = 445).
To achieve a sprayable solution, a volatile solvent and a resulting liquid with sufficiently low viscosity are needed.
If only the volatile solvent is present within the bubble, which is in chemical equilibrium with the liquid at the bubble surface, then we may apply Henry's law:
f] as a function of spin speed and initial polymer solution concentration for PS in a highly volatile solvent, chloroform.
On the other side, significant results has been obtained on the drying of complex fluids composed of a volatile solvent and solid particles, like the drying of a coffee drop resulting in a remarkable coffee stain effect.
It contains a biologically active agent selected from the group consisting of terbinafine, naftifine, amorolfine, butenafine, derivatives thereof, salts thereof, or combinations thereof; a delivery vehicle comprising a non-polymeric crystallization inhibitor that is capable of delaying crystallization of the biologically active agent, and a film-former; a volatile solvent in an amount selected to create a subsaturated solution of said biologically active agent; and water.
In cooling mode, the chamber reduces oxide interferences in ICP-MS and facilitates volatile solvent analysis for ICP-OES.

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