voluntary association

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"It is the Labour Party which understands that the United Kingdom is a voluntary association, a voluntary union for four nations.
If you believe in voluntary association, fair deals, keeping your word, and Canada, you like this approach.
Quite right, too: there's no reason why our Welsh nationality shouldn't flourish, shoulder-to-shoulder with our English, Irish and Scottish friends in a voluntary association of the four nations of the islands.
The bill instructed the district state administrations to monitor and determine possible pilot agricultural cooperatives on the principles of voluntary association of peasant farms, estimates of expected investment of funds of private partners, the number of buildings, structures, and equipment.
ESAW, a voluntary association, will also prepare studies and extensive research to improve public knowledge about the proper handling of animals as well as to develop their skills, Al Shar'a said.
Seeking to revive the movement, some organizers are adopting "alt-labor" tactics that look a lot like free speech and voluntary association. Stepping away from the older tactic of organizing workplaces and enforcing collective bargaining agreements, nonunion groups calling themselves "workers' centers" and "workers' alliances" stage protests and strikes, sponsor public relations campaigns, organize boycotts, and litigate against businesses they believe are mistreating employees.
The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 53 independent countries, the former colonies of the Britain.
The red brick listed building is now home to Celf Ceredigion Art, a voluntary association of artists who plan a programme of solo and group exhibitions during the next 12 months.
Martin Green, aged 62, has been named the new president of 41 Club, a national voluntary association of nearly 20,000 former Round Tablers.
Abe previously visited Cambodia in 2008 as president of a voluntary association of Japanese parliamentarians for school construction in Cambodia.
Imphal, Apr 29 ( ANI ): With a view to empowering women by granting them economic independence, Self Employment Voluntary Association (SEVA) under the aegis of National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has organized a skill development training here, wherein the participants, mostly unemployed, are being trained on preservation, storage and processing of fruits and vegetables, and on the process of extraction of juice from the fruits.
Overall, Schuyler characterized the disagreement as one of "integration versus segregation," where coerced segregation was equated to the voluntary association of African Americans--otherwise erroneously denoted as "self-segregation." McKay, on the other hand, simply affirmed that, given the horrendous economic conditions wrought by the Great Depression, black folk needed to exercise self-organization for purposes of group survival.

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