Voluntary sale

VOLUNTARY SALE, contracts. One made freely, without constraint, by the owner of the thing &old. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 974.

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VZ Small Shareowners Voluntary Sale and Purchase Program NEW
The difference between the regular tax assessment and the adjusted tax assessment could be set aside and settled from the estate upon the death of the homeowner or upon a voluntary sale of the property by the homeowner.
If you add 10pc above market value because it is not a voluntary sale and the other elements of compensation you can clearly see where the pounds 100,000 minimum figure comes from.
The report says: "The owner occupiers will have the opportunity to negotiate a voluntary sale of their home, but if agreement is not reached the council has decided it will use its compulsory purchase powers.
Most buy-sell agreements are activated on the occurrence of a triggering event, such as a voluntary sale, shareholder bankruptcy, divorce, death or disability, irresolvable shareholder disagreement or shareholder retirement.
His company will take the lead in negotiating with the city, and he said they might agree to a voluntary sale if the city's offer comes close to $46 million.
Through the voluntary sale of an easement, landowners limit future development to protect these key resources.
He added: "With banks offering as a sustainable solution voluntary sale or repossession to 55% of customers in arrears the road ahead will be difficult.
ASX has advised that in accordance with the Company's request, it will remove the Company from the official list of ASX with effect from the close of trading on September 17, 2013 subject to HeartWare providing a voluntary sale facility through which holders of CDIs may sell their shares of common stock on NASDAQ (as described below) and notifying CDI holders of the availability of the sale facility.
A city purchase remains a possibility, whether through an exercise of the city's power of eminent domain or, far more preferably, through a voluntary sale.
The City Council voted Tuesday to set aside $68,000, the land's appraised value, and for the city attorney to begin eminent-domain proceedings in case a last-ditch effort to negotiate a voluntary sale with the property owners fails.
that the necessary steps to condemn the property will be instituted if a voluntary sale is not arranged.

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