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VOLUNTEERS, contracts. Persons who receive a voluntary conveyance. (q.v.)
     2. It is a general rule of the courts of equity that they will not assist a mere volunteer who has a defective conveyance. Fonb. B. 1, c. 5, s. 2, and See the note there for some exceptions to this rule. Vide, generally, 1 Madd. Ch. 271,. 1 Supp. to Ves. jr. 320; 2 Id. 321; Powell on Mortg. Index, h.t. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3968-73.

VOLUNTEERS, army. Persons who in time of war offer their services to their country and march in its defence.
     2. Their rights and duties are prescribed by the municipal laws of the different states. But when in actual service they are subject to the laws of the United States and the articles of war.

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Dessessart, pointing to D'Artagnan; "and as to the four or five volunteers, Monsieur has but to make his intentions known, and the men will not be wanting.
I haven't heard such language as yours since we used to review the volunteers in Hyde Park twenty years ago.
Among the officers in the last boats to put off from the cruiser was the commander of the vessel; and when he had heard the story of Jane's abduction, he generously called for volunteers to accompany Professor Porter and Clayton in their search.
In the case of the first two the loss of life had not been considerable, but a great multitude of workers, including many girls and women, had been caught in the destruction of the Post-Office, and a little army of volunteers with white badges entered behind the firemen, bringing out the often still living bodies, for the most part frightfully charred, and carrying them into the big Monson building close at hand.
And that put Harris in mind of a friend of his, who had been in the Volunteers, and who had slept out under canvas one wet night down at Aldershot, "on just such another night as this," said Harris; and he had woke up in the morning a cripple for life.
I am always in two minds then, to linger that we may have more of it, and to snatch him away before he volunteers the information, "He is not really my father.
Volunteers may play, but the moves are not necessarily to the death--a wound, and even sometimes points in swordplay, deciding the issue.
He said that he considered the principles underlying all volunteer service fundamentally wrong, and that it seemed to him that calling for volunteers reflected upon the courage and loyalty of the entire command.
First of all he gave directions for the day's work - then he called for volunteers to accompany him to the village.
The Poonga-Poonga volunteers stood with glistening eyes and grinning faces, naked save for their loin-cloths, and barbarously ornamented.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you will forgive the delay, I must ask for more volunteers.
And he volunteers this morning to join the Arctic expedition?

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