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37 notes that the oracle may have only been conveyed by the votaress and not actually spoken by her in a prophetic capacity.
responsibility to her late votaress (121)) nevertheless are of a piece
In the first place, demonstrating the pervasiveness of story-telling in the Shakespearean canon, Wilson investigates the plurality of the work's imaginative world, ushering the reader into an array of elsewheres and elsewhens peopled by characters as minimal as the gallant Honey Breath of Sonnet 65 or as vividly realized as Titania's votaress in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and exploring simultaneously the range of relationships Shakespeare sets up between enfolded and primary worlds.
One searches at length to find a Jacobean counterpart to popular theater images of Elizabeth such as Shakespeare's mythic tribute to the imperial votaress in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Thaisa is revived by Cerimon, an Ephesian lord, and, believing her husband to be dead, becomes a votaress in the temple of Diana.