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The right to vote at public elections.


noun affranchisement, autonomy, choice, emancipation, enfranchisement, exemption from connrol, exemption from restraint, franchise, freedom, freeeom of choice, liberation, liberty, license, manumission, option, popular decision, prerogative, right to vote, say, self-determination, self-government, suffragium, voice, vote
Associated concepts: election law, voters' rights
See also: discretion, franchise

SUFFRAGE, government. Vote; the act of voting.
     2. The right of suffrage is given by the constitution of the United States, art. 1, s. 2, to the electors in each state, as shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the state legislature. Vide 2 Story on the Const. Sec. 578, et seq.; Amer. Citiz. 201; 1 Bl. Com. 171; 2 Wils. Lect. 130; Montesq. Esp. des Lois, Ii v. 11, c. 6; 1 Tucker's Bl. Com. App. 52, 3. See Division of opinion.

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The taxpayers contended that this provision should be ignored because it created only a contingent right to acquire additional voting power, which is comparable to the contingent voting rights held by the preferred stockholders in Erie Lighting.
Q: When you accepted Drew Days's offer to go to the Civil Rights Division, was this your first encounter with Voting Rights Act enforcement?
Most recently, in 1982, it made voting rights violations easier to prove and extended the act's "emergency' provisions, originally slated to expire in 1970, until the year 2007.
Percentage of voting rights -- Nominal -- N/A % Delta -- N/A %
While the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is indeed up for vote in 10 years, there is absolutely no chance that blacks will lose their right to vote.
While the Reagan Administration was opposedto racial redistricting in the Thornburg case, there are signs that the Department of Justice has used the Voting Rights Act to partisan advantage.
On Saturday, August 6, Stevie Wonder will bring his energy, spirit and artistry to the effort to ensure the renewal of the Voting Rights Act.
shares and voting rights remain above the previously disclosed threshold of 5% (8).
As a result of the ruling from the Supreme Administrative Court, all conditions are now fulfilled for the proposal on reduction of the difference in voting rights to be presented at an Extraordinary General Meeting in Ericsson.
000 (one trillion and four hundred billion) shares, and the resulting change of Article 5 of the Company's By-laws; (ii) an inclusion of a sole paragraph in Article 5 of the Company's By-laws, which provides the possibility to issue common shares intended for adjusting the proportion between common shares and preferred shares with no voting rights to what is provided by Article 15, paragraph 2, of Law 6,404 of December 15, 1976, as amended by Law 10,303 of October 31, 2001, without granting preemptive rights to shareholders who own preferred shares, which Article 171, paragraph 1, subparagraph b of Law 6,404 of December 15, 1976 refers to, and due modification of the Article 5 of the Company's By-laws, which shall be read as follows: "Art.
Investor's share of the voting rights in Ericsson has increased by 16.
Date on which proxy holder will cease to hold voting rights