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To The reader: Simply cut out and take this voucher to your nearest Poundland store.
Ohio officials have discovered a new type of fraud in the state's voucher plan: parents deliberately enrolling their children in poorly performing schools in the hope that they will qualify for a voucher to go to private school.
So, he came out in support of the $15 million program that would give a $7,500 voucher to about 2000 poor D.
The authors, Paul Peterson [editor-in-chief] of Education Next] and William Howell, mounted a randomized field trial like those used in medicine in order to rest the effects on achievement of being given a voucher to attend private school, Catholic Schools, by contrast, uses a nonexperimental approach in studying the influence of Catholic schools.
Cuomo awarded the voucher to about 500 housing authorities in the U.
The plan provides a $1,500 voucher to any student who wants to transfer from a public to a private school.
Six years earlier, the voters rejected by nearly a two-to-one margin a plan that would have provided any student with a voucher to attend private school, regardless of income.
The customer may subsequently redeem the voucher to obtain a free ticket or to reduce its purchase price.
If the traditional Medicare program is indeed more efficient than private-sector insurers, then Medicare will offer a more attractive benefit package than the private insurers will, seniors will award their voucher to Medicare, and nothing will change.