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Entre los VTG mas representativos (Figura 2), se encuentran el virus de la encefalitis transmitida por garrapatas (Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus, TBEV), el virus Powassan (Powassan Virus, POWV), el virus de la fiebre hemorragica de Omsk (Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever Virus, OHFV) y el virus de la enfermedad de los bosques de Kyasanur (Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus, KFDV).
Data were evaluated by one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by Tukey's test using IBM SPSS (Version: 20) to examine the effects of BPA exposure on vtg mRNA expression relative to the control group.
2003), while the Asterozoa subphylum expresses the Vtg protein, Vtg1 (Prowse and Byrne, 2012).
VTG Aktiengesellschaft's fleet consist of more than 80,000 railcars.
A highly significant and positive correlation was also observed between the Vtg concentration in the hemolymph and the theoretical oocyte diameter (r = 0.
A small section of each liver was placed in RNAlater (Qiagen, Valencia, CA, USA) and stored at-80[degrees]C for analysis of vtg expression as described below.
Eive Johansson, Lidkoping's VTG chief designer, says: "At the heart of a Lidkoping machine are the linear slides.
Nevertheless, the 140 unit boosted by the VTG turbo-charger, ensures a spirited enough drive, with a 0- 62mph in just 9.
La VTG se trata de una fosfolipo-glico proteinas serica precursora de la formacion de la yema del huevo.
Kraft pulp mill effluent did not affect male reproductive physiology but did suppress female T and VTG levels when effluent constituted [greater than or equal to] 1% of river flow.
Turbochargers with VTG ( variable turbine geometry ( change the output of the turbine as a function of engine load.