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With application security becoming such a critical concern for IT organizations, DevPartner SecurityChecker helps development and testing teams locate and identify security vulnerabilities to secure their applications from attacks.
Traditional network vulnerability assessment is used to identify a company's existing vulnerabilities and risk profile to make recommendations on improving security practices.
Our VPA offering takes a proactive approach to security and streamlines the process of understanding and addressing vulnerabilities and potential threats.
A fundamental aspect of risk management is the identification of vulnerabilities and their associated threats.
By correlating information from the most widely recognized vulnerability databases and scoring systems, Frost & Sullivan's report clearly shows that TippingPoint's DVLabs discovered more high severity vulnerabilities than any other research firm.
While these numbers seem grim upon initial review, the good news is our research indicates a drop in the percentage of high-impact vulnerabilities since last year," said Gunter Ollmann, director of security strategy for IBM Internet Security Systems.
Created by the Imperva Application Defense Center (ADC), an internationally-recognized security research organization, Scuba by Imperva safely identifies and documents vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in production databases.
As part of this research, it often finds new vulnerabilities in software that can be exploited by attackers to compromise systems.
It also helps businesses understand and act upon the web security vulnerabilities found--simplifying the remediation process for developers with little or no security expertise.
As technology continues to advance, so do the threats that look for vulnerabilities to exploit," said Matt Watchinksi, Director of the Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team.
Tenable's award-winning products are utilized by many Global 2000 organizations and federal government agencies to unify vulnerabilities detected with active, passive, and host-based auditing with enterprise security log data to precisely assess and proactively minimize network risk.
Over the last five years, eEye has been recognized by industry experts as the preeminent organization in the discovery of the most critical vulnerabilities in various platforms and applications, including the vulnerabilities subsequently leveraged by the Sasser, Witty and Code Red worms, as well as the Microsoft ASN vulnerability and hundreds of other important discoveries.