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Microsoft calls on the broader community - from security researchers to vendors - to move to coordinated vulnerability disclosure.
Secure virtualisation grows in importance: Virtualisation-related vulnerability disclosures have tripled since 2006 and are likely to increase as virtualised environments become more widespread.
As more technologies and software get exposed to fuzzing and automated bug finding tools, the industry begins to reach a saturation point in the discovery of these types of vulnerabilities, ultimately contributing to the decrease in overall vulnerability disclosures," said Lamb.
The Coders' Rights Project provides legal services to help security researchers exercise their First Amendment right to speak on the vulnerabilities they discover and helps facilitate vulnerability disclosure of newly-found security flaws.
The X-Force has been cataloguing, analyzing and researching vulnerability disclosures since 1997.
Based on the intelligence gathered through research of public vulnerability disclosures, and the monitoring and analysis of more than 150,000 security events per second during every day of 2010, key observations from the IBM X-Force Research team included:
The X-Force Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report is based on intelligence gathered through IBM's research of public vulnerability disclosures as well as the monitoring and analysis of an average of 12 billion security events daily since the beginning of 2011.
com, that's not a good thing," Miller said, referring to a database of vulnerability disclosures, exploits and proof-of-concept code samples.
The available data about vulnerability disclosures, privacy breaches, and business losses related to network and computer security, compared to the available data on market capitalization and revenue for the commercial security industry, tells a damning story: we are doing almost everything wrong," said Dr.
The latest SIR shows the fewest number of security vulnerability disclosures across the software industry since the second half of 2005, along with a rise in malicious and potentially unwanted software, which demonstrates a continued use of malware as a tool for targeting computer users for profit.
As a result, unfortunately, web applications are an attractive target for hackers and vulnerabilities are now among the most prevalent of all server vulnerability disclosures.
ATLAS utilizes a globally distributed darknet sensor network to deliver intelligence on host/port scanning activity, zero-day exploits and worm propagation, security events and vulnerability disclosures, and dynamic botnet and phishing infrastructures.

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