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The security risk makes the WAP gateway a primary target for hacker attacks.
Service Providers will use the WAP Gateway to host WAP services.
The Interop Technologies WAP Gateway is an integrated, push proxy solution with a graphic-rich WAP deck customized with the look and feel of the operator's brand.
For secure applications, the 3000AS combines on a single platform the WAP gateway functionality with Virtual Private Networking (VPN) to allow secure access to WAP content from a remote location over the Internet.
To eliminate the need for increased processing and packet reordering in the client, the WAP Gateway is also responsible for stepping in and translating requests from the WAP protocol stack to TCP, and vice versa (See Fig).
Corporate customers and ASPs (Application Service Providers) will have access to the Vodafone Managed WAP Gateway, which will enable them to develop mobile-enabled end user propositions for their own customers.
Nokia offers operators what few others in the industry can: not only a WAP-enabled terminal, but also a complete WAP solution that includes WAP gateways, customized portals, tools for WAP-based content creation, security components, and systems integration services," said Steve Ballard, director of Messaging & Service Platforms, Nokia Networks.
Equipped with a plug-in interface, the Anny Way WAP Gateway for Windows 2000 provides an excellent interface for integrating customer-specific solutions quickly and efficiently.
com WAP gateway lets iobox customers take advantage of the larger, enhanced WAP handset screens to download customized graphics and ring tones, and to exchange email using handset microbrowsers to select from menu- driven options.
WTLS ensures that data are protected during transmission between the mobile device and the Anny Way WAP Gateway.
By integrating Certicom's advanced technology, the Advantage(R) WAP Gateway enables wireless enterprises and carriers to offer users a complete, secure connection for mobile commerce ("m-commerce") services.
Under the terms of Adamind's OEM partnership with CBOSS, Adamind's Spire(TM) software will provide the media adaptation component as part of the mobile infrastructure which includes a WAP gateway and a multimedia messaging services centre (MMSC).