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The trade data for each product consist of export values and volumes for the 5 years preceding the initial registration year of the WPA covering the product and for the 5 years following the initial registration year.
In the coming year, the APA will monitor reported instances of psychiatric abuse independently and refer individual cases to the WPA review committee.
Reduce on-site threats to biodiversity at the Shengjin Lake Natural Reserve (NR) and adjacent WPAs
My analysis is informed by the simultaneous abundance and dearth of disability in our WPA narratives.
SEGURIDAD: Acceso inalambrico protegido WPA, encriptacion de 64 y 128bits, listo para 802.
Securing end-point devices limits exposure to the rest of the network, just like securing WAPs with WPA locks down access to the WLAN and ensures authorized access only.
Despite fears that government patronage might stifle creativity, the opposite seems more nearly to have been the case throughout the WPA arts projects.
The purpose of the session was twofold: to report on the results from the informal survey data and, more importantly, to engage in an extended conversation about possible revisions to the WPA OS, particularly in the area of writing in a digital world.
Former Senator for South Australia Don Farrell had been instrumental in pushing for the development of an appropriate access regime to the WPA.
The first president of the WPA was Jean Delay and the first Secretary General was Henry Ey, esteemed and legendary names of the period.
For example, amongst WPAs, Edward White's so-called White's Law, "Assess thyself, or assessment will be done unto thee," has been repeated so often in publications, at WPA conference presentations, and on the WPA-L listserv that not only the phrase, but also the message behind it, has become part of our collective knowledge.