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TO WAGE, contracts. To give a pledge or security for the performance of anything; as to wage or gage deliverance; to wage law, &c. Co. Litt. 294. This word is but little used.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This variable is the product of coverage and the minimum wage level, divided by the mean wage for all workers in the state (regardless of age).(15) The reason for the coverage adjustment is that any increase in the minimum should have a larger employment effect if the minimum covers more workers.
In most cases, this procedure yielded a single time series of the minimum wage level, from which we extracted the value in effect during May of each year (for consistency with the data on state labor market conditions described below).
The minimum wage level in Jakarta, where the cost of living is one of the highest in the country, covers only 81.42% of the estimated subsistence level.
A second finding of the research is that, everything else being the same, an increase in the proportion of wages replaced by workers' compensation income benefits leads to a drop in the wage level. This result is stronger for women than for men.
The campaign group calls for "transparent changes in the real wages of workers in H&M's supply chain - a roadmap with time-bound, measurable wage level increase targets, detailing how H&M will change their purchasing practices to make sure workers get a living wage." Speaking to just-style today, a spokesperson for H&M said while the group supported the campaigner's vision of "systemic change in the textile industry" and that textile workers should earn a living wage, it "did not share their view of the textile industry and how best to achieve progress".
The Central Bank said that Taiwan's wage level sits globally near the median level when compared to other countries, whether in terms of "minimum wages relative to median wages" or "minimum wages relative to average wages," which suggests that Taiwan is capable of instituting a minimum wage increase, according to the bank.
Furthermore, people adapt to their new wage level over time, so a higher salary becomes the new reference point for future comparisons.
The increase allows Bankoh to have a minimum wage level that is in line with the state's living wage, which is often cited as approximately USD 30,000 annually for single individuals.
Bank of Hawaii (NYSE:BOH) has said that it is planning to increase its minimum wage level for employees from the current USD12.0 per hour to USD15.0 per hour, effective January 1, 2018.
The 'real living wage', defined as PS8.45 an hour outside of London, differs from the 'national living wage'., PS7.50 an hour, which is in effect the new minimum wage level for over-25s but is below what experts say is a true living wage.
Multivariate regression analysis has been done to measure the effect on wage level of union-membership in unionized enterprises and the effect on wage level of being in unionized enterprises without union-membership in comparison to workers in enterprises without union.