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The 15in laptop may be startlingly slim (approaching MacBook Air's waifish levels), precociously powerful (thanks to quad-core i7s) and unfeasibly fast (due to its all-flash memory).
Not to be gross, but some bedbugs live up to 550 days without eating, beating those waifish celebrities, the Olsen twins, by three days by my estimates.
(25) The only exceptions were Spain and Latin America, where Bartolome Esteban Murillo reintroduced La Barbera's waifish brunette in the 1670s--an irony since three of the Sicilian Rosalies ended up in Spanish collections, and Jusepe de Ribera borrowed one of Van Dyck's models for his Assumption of Mary Magdalene (1636) and Apotheosis of Januarius (1635).
Both men and women in this period pushed the boundaries of the feminine, exploring, transgressing, even shattering classical feminist politics as well as traditional and non-traditional identities by crossing the androgynous with the waifish, the slutty with the virginal, the innocent with the provocateur, making way eventually for Madonna and Catherine Breillat and all their musical and cinematic children.
Mario Testino photographed the waifish model in the various looks for the issue.
Apker, a waifish young woman described by a teacher as a bit of a "Bohemian," was picked earlier this year as one of 30 finalists - out of 9,600 applicants nationwide - in the sixth annual Lucerne "The Art of Dairy" Art Contest.
Quickly captured in a nearby plague-ravaged village, they're enlisted by a dying cardinal (Christopher Lee, unrecognizable under pounds of prosthetic buboes) to lead a ragtag party escorting a waifish young girl (Claire roy) suspected of dark arts to a remote monastery, where her trial and exorcism will hopefully end the plague.
The stamps,which were believed to have been destroyed, show the actress with her waifish smile and a long cigarette holder dangling from her lips.
OBSESSED as they are with waifish looks and clothes that don't fit real women -- or men -- fashion designers aren't people you'd trust to serve you a good meal.
They were mundane creatures through and through: "dusty little barn cats just steady on their legs, the kind of waifish creatures that live their anonymous lives keeping the mice down and have no interest in humans at all, except to avoid them" (22).
They were young and waifish - like the vice girls that Tobin brought back to the council house in Bathgate near Edinburgh he shared with Cathy.
Kate Moss has featured on the front of hundreds of magazines and is known for her waifish figure and is rarely out of the newspapers.