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The stamps,which were believed to have been destroyed, show the actress with her waifish smile and a long cigarette holder dangling from her lips.
OBSESSED as they are with waifish looks and clothes that don't fit real women -- or men -- fashion designers aren't people you'd trust to serve you a good meal.
They were mundane creatures through and through: "dusty little barn cats just steady on their legs, the kind of waifish creatures that live their anonymous lives keeping the mice down and have no interest in humans at all, except to avoid them" (22).
They were young and waifish - like the vice girls that Tobin brought back to the council house in Bathgate near Edinburgh he shared with Cathy.
Kate Moss has featured on the front of hundreds of magazines and is known for her waifish figure and is rarely out of the newspapers.
Henin, the 2004 Australian Open champion, humbled a succession of bigger and stronger opponents in the women s game despite her waifish 1.
She also provides an alternative body type to the waifish L.
Before Maria's arrival, the birds had been fed mainly by a waifish blonde volunteer named Lily.
Kaori Nakamura, wearing fishnets, shorts, and doll makeup, fulfills her role as a waifish coquette with precision and charm.
All were made in or around May '68 by a troupe of Parisians including, among many others, filmmakers Philippe Garrel and Patrick Deval, film editor Jackie Raynal, artists Olivier Mosset and Daniel Pommereulle, waifish model and Garrel muse Zouzou, and Caroline de Bendern, who was dubbed the "Marianne of '68," after the female personification of Liberty and Reason depicted in much French statuary.
THE PERFUME: KATE (pounds 21 for 30ml eau de toilette) THE CELEB: Kate Moss - Waifish supermodel turned wild child due to unfounded rumours of cocaine-fuelled parties with rebel boyfriend Pete Doherty - a relationship that's off and on more than a cold tap.