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WAIFS. Stolen goods waived or scattered by a thief in his flight in order to effect his escape.
     2. Such goods by the English common law belong to the king. 1 Bl. Com. 296; 5 Co. 109; Cro. Eliz. 694. This prerogative has never been adopted here against the true owner, and never put in practice against the finder, though against him there would be better reason for adopting it. 2 Kent, Com. 292. Vide Com. Dig. h.t.; 1 Bro. Civ. Law, 239, n.

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It could never be the same, of course, but yet, day by day, she found her mother-love, enveloping the waif more closely until she sometimes sat with closed eyes lost in the sweet imagining that the little bundle of humanity at her breast was truly her own.
Her heart, bereft of its own, had gone out to this poor, little, nameless waif, and lavished upon it all the love that had been denied her during the long, bitter weeks of her captivity aboard the Kincaid.
Also she began to remember that she was a waif of the storm, adrift upon a treacherous and unknown sea.
The woman's heart, hungering in its horrible isolation for something that it might harmlessly love, welcomed the rescued waif of the streets as a consolation sent from God.
I have heard a waif word in the country," said I, a little nettled, "that you were a hard man to drive.
This is Meriem, my dear," he said, and he told the story of the jungle waif in so far as he knew it.
In the spring, the shelter sent 50 dogs and cats, including 32 from Natchez Pet Adoptions, on an 800-mile trip to Wayside Waifs, a private, no-kill shelter in Kansas City, Mo.
The waifs she painted were informed by her daughters and, she confessed, "by memories of my girlhood.
The waifs and strays in the title could actually refer to Micah Ballard's wayward lines as they drift in and line up.
a not-for-profit that connects shelter pets with service and veteran members of the United States military, is joining forces with Wayside Waifs in Kansas City to place hard-to-adopt dogs and cats into loving military homes.
Gunners waifs punching above their weight Live football Sky Sports 2, 4pm THE build-up to today's Premier League clash between Chelsea and Arsenal has been dominated by analysis of the two teams' respective physiques, writes James Milton.
But, with two vacant fireside positions, I confided to lovely Kelly at the RSPCA, Barnes Hill, that she'd have to choose a couple of waifs for me because I couldn't reject any.