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To intentionally or voluntarily relinquish a known right or engage in conduct warranting an inference that a right has been surrendered.

For example, an individual is said to waive the right to bring a tort action when he or she renounces the remedy provided by law for such a wrong.


v. to voluntarily give up a right, including not enforcing a term of a contract (such as insisting on payment on an exact date), or knowingly giving up a legal right such as a speedy trial, a jury trial or a hearing on extradition (the transfer to another state's jurisdiction of one accused of a crime in the other state). (See: waiver)


verb cast off, cease, de re decedere, desist from, disclaim, dismiss, disown, dispense with, forgo, give up, give up claim to, not retain, not use, put aside, refrain from, refuse, reject, relinquish, rem concedere, renounce, repudiate, sacrifice, set aside, surrender, yield
Associated concepts: election of remedy, waive a jury trial, waive jurisdictional requirements, waive objections, waive rights, waive rights to payment under a contract
See also: abandon, abrogate, discontinue, forbear, forfeit, forgo, forswear, leave, refrain, reject, relinquish, remit, renounce, rescind, submit, surrender, yield

WAIVE. A term applied to a woman as outlaw is applied to a man. A man is an outlaw, a woman is a waive. T. L., Crabb's Tech. Dict. h.t.

TO WAIVE. To abandon or forsake a right.
     2. To waive signifies also to abandon without right; as "if the felon waives, that is, leaves any goods in his flight from those who either pursue him, or are apprehended by him so to do, he forfeits them, whether they be his own goods, or goods stolen by him." Bac. Ab. Forfeiture, B.

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Unless the taxpayer follows the procedures described below, the previous election applies as well to waive the five-year carryback period.
Invesco (800-525-8085) waives its minimum initial investment requirement through the EasiVest plan.
(56) The reinstated program limits the lookback period to the three most recent tax years, and allows the DOR to waive penalties for reasonable cause.
Similarly, companies that cooperate with SEC inquiries and investigations by voluntarily disclosing confidential tax advice to the SEC likewise waive the ability to protect that advice against compelled disclosure to the IRS.
According to the court there, all an owner waives in permitting the contractor to complete beyond the contract-mandated completion date is a highly-technical one--the right to use the contractor's delay as a defense against the contractor's claim for contract balance due.
On November 25, TOI was first to report that Union government has agreed to positively consider the state's request to waive the security bill and that an official announcement of the decision would be made in a couple of months.
6724(a) to waive penalties if the broker shows that it made a good-faith attempt to comply with the Secs.
In its suit, IBM requested that the documents be returned since it had not intended to waive its right of privilege.
Within hours of being sworn-in as Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel announced to waive off farm loans amounting to Rs 6,100 crore.
Since it is expected that NEC Mobile Communications will be ready for liquidation after the completion of the business transfer, NEC decided to dissolve NEC Mobile Communications, and waive debts owed by NEC Mobile Communications.
Robert Judson, commissioner of the water district, asked the Board of Selectmen to waive the fees this week so that construction can begin on the well sites, which are in the Woodburyville Heights-Cold Spring Brook area.
He claimed the wife's signing of the prenuptial agreement was an effective consent to waive the spousal survivor annuity.