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And in New Hampshire and throughout our country today, school communities are engaging in walk-outs and demanding action to prevent future acts of gun violence.
The walk-outs, the first in Ryanair's 32-year history, are being held by staff demanding an overhaul of the system of contracts and collective bargaining, which they say gives management too much power.
With our guarantees that there will be no compulsory redundancies, no impact on safety and a full timetable in place during the walk-outs, these strikes will cost RMT members pay for no reason, and we urge the union to rejoin us around the negotiating table.
The Communication Workers Union (CWU) served notice of further walk-outs to take place next Friday, November 6 and on Monday November 9.
The Communication Workers Union was due to announce the result of a ballot of 120,000 of its members at Royal Mail, with officials confident of achieving backing for nationwide walk-outs.
And workers have threatened further walk-outs during December and January.
But Lufthansa, Europe's second biggest airline, said it still faced a number of challenges for the rest of the year, including pay disputes with ground and cabin crew and regional pilots that have led to walk-outs.
NURSES will this week vote on scrapping their "no-strike" clause, leading to the possibility of mass walk-outs from Welsh hospitals.
But the largest union insisted Coun Rudge was mistaken in his interpretation of the law and threatened further walk-outs in the run-up to the May local government elections.
But the recent walk-outs have led to calls by local campaigners for what they call 'dangerous' prisoners to be placed elsewhere.
Speaking ahead of this week's review of the Good Friday Agreement, he said the walk-outs would allow him to carry out internal reforms.
It shows the lack of trust and dignity that has led to these unofficial walk-outs.