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Tim McCann, Pete Batey, Chris Walker, John Kennedy and crowd hero Justin McBride could all be placed on the transfer list.
Sir David Walker, John Taysom, David Lockwood, Martin Stapleton, Norman Fiore, Jean-Francois Clavier and Marc Goldberg, the senior team that ran the Reuters Greenhouse Fund, have established RVC.
They are back row: Keith Robson, Don Brudnell, Denis Walker, John Breck-nell, Breck on, and Alex Hart.
Wrexham AFC: Coughlin, Carrington, Ashton, Smith, Hudson, Clarke, Durrell (Bailey-Jones 74), Harris, Moult, York, Jennings Unused subs: Evans, White, Rushton, Stephens Nuneaton Town: Charles-Cook, Franklin, Cowan (Vieira 71), Dean, Walker, John (Armson 61), Hutchinson, Brown, Streete, Brown, Dyer Unused subs: Starosta, Gordon, Wren
GRANDFATHER and resident of Walker, John Nelson, pictured, has hit out at yobs who carelessly threw fireworks at each other on his front doorstep.
This is what brought in Scott Walker, John Kasich and (Florida Republican Gov.
Frank Lampard, Gareth Barry, Kyle Walker, John Ruddy, Gary Cahill and Darren Bent are among those who have missed the European Championship due to injury.
The lads are (from back left) David Copley, Neil Turner, Mark Mitchell, Nigel Day, Robert Wray, Richard Hoyle, Christian Taylor, Philip Worthington, Steven Cox, John Whitehead; (front row): Robert Walker, Mark Brown, Nicholas Holmes, David Walker, John Docker, Gary 'Waz' Smith, Julian Parr, Brian Kitson and Paul 'Biff' Bamford.
MIDDLESBROUGH: Jones; McMahon, Walker, John Johnson (Saiko 67), Bennett; Owens, Williams, Shawky, Adam Johnson (Smallwood 81); Emnes (Craddock 60), Porritt (Franks 67).
With the cut falling on 142, Sam Walker, John Bickerton and Tom Whitehouse missed out by one, three and four strokes respectively.
However, folks, if you're looking for the TV Villain of the Week, I reckon it's a I dead heat between Andy Walker, John Colquhoun and I our very own Hugh" Ned Flanders" Keevins.
But it wasn't enough as the pairings of Trevor Hampson and Janet Walker, John Beck and Reggie Baker plus Doug Woodhouse and Tracy Baker picked up the points.