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WALL. A building or erection so well known as to need no definition. In general a man may build a wall on any part of his estate, to any height he may deem proper, and in such form as may best accommodate him; but he must take care not to erect a wall contrary to the local regulations, nor in such a manner as to be injurious to his neighbors. See Dig. 50, 16, 157. Vide Party Wall.

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We are now at the bottom of the external environment cycle, the aluminium price is stabilising," said chief executive Leslie Van de Walle.
Mary's chaplain Walle agreed that McGilliguddy sparked vigorous discussion by the mainly middle and upper-middle class attendees, especially when he frankly admitted that his job required he sometimes compromise his ideals.
Attempting to synthesize this consensus and create a coherent blueprint for stability, reform and investment, Ndulu and van de Walle and their contributing authors identify six main facets of their agenda: African states must consolidate macroeconomic stability, reform their civil service, invest in health and education, transform agriculture towards greater productivity and diversification, turn to market openness and greater trade, and, finally, strengthen and renew their political institutions.
From the car to the house to the shops, it wasn't walking at all," says Walle.
Along with the trophy, Walle wins $1,500 ([pounds sterling]1,000) and is set to make several television appearances, including two on NBC's Today Show and ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Based in Tulsa, newly-appointed Assurance partner Jade Walle has worked on audits of both public and privately held energy companies in the natural gas industry, specializing in capital raising activities including initial public offerings (IPOs), public and private debt offerings, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and carve-outs.
Our business is strong and growing," says Sean Keeney, president and GEO of Walle Corporation, "and having a state of the art.
Area can be defined as the surface covered by any 2D shape (O'Brien & Purcell, 2006) and early learning experiences should help students distinguish size (of area) and shape, length and other dimensions (Van de Walle, 2007).
Competition to distinguish brands continues to escalate, and scented packaging provides a significant competitive advantage," said Leonard Walle, director of new business development, Flint Ink.
Ramage G, Vande Walle K, Wickes BL, Lopez-Ribot JL.
He will be succeeded by Leslie Van de Walle, chief executive of the McVitie's Group and a main board member.