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DEPARTMENT OF WAR, government. The act of August 7, 1789, 1 Story's Laws, 31, creates an executive department, to be denominated the department of war; and there shall be a principal officer therein, to be called the secretary for the department of war. (q.v.).
     2. There shall be in the said department, an inferior officer, to be appointed by the secretary, to be employed therein, and to be called the chief clerk in the department of war, and who, whenever the said principal officer shall be removed by the president, or in any other case of vacancy, shall, during such vacancy, have the charge and custody of all records, books, and papers, appertaining to the said department. Id.

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Now that Ike had a prime spot in the War Department, he needed to prove that Marshall had made the right decision.
Despite the ongoing war, McEachren maintained his professional activities; he was one of the main speakers at the ALA's 1942 annual meeting in Chicago ("Determination of Contract Costs by the War Department," Wartime Accounting, 1942, pp.
Shortly thereafter, the War Department awarded Lynch the Legion of Merit in recognition of his six months of difficult service on Bataan and Corregidor.
The War Department therefore sought out a civilian partner to help, and immediately settled on the Young Men's Christian Association.
Annual Reports of the War Department for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30,1900, Part 13: Report of the Military Governor of Porto Rico on Civil Affairs, 56th Cong.
In 1945, the War Department opened the first SCI center in the country.
Because of its association with these virtues, the sphinx was selected by the War Department in 1923 as the most appropriate symbol to represent the newly established Military Intelligence (MI) Officers' Reserve Corps, an association of World War I veterans with experience and interest in intelligence.
In September 1940, shortly before the entry of America into the Second War World war, the War Department announced the formation of an aviation unit of "colored personnel.
The Evangelical Association had first gone about its business quietly, appointing a committee to call on the fort commander, who had in turn referred them to the War Department in Washington, D.
This kukri was issued in World War I to British Gurkha regiments and each blade bears World War I dates and a British war department broad arrow.
When World War II began in Europe, the War Department was bursting at the seams in a "temporary" Great War-era building on the National Mall.