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This is because Odia people here revolted against the British 200 years ago, what we call as the first war of Independence. Hence, to celebrate 200 years of the first war of Independence, the Prime Minister is visiting the state," he added.
Kenya's War of Independence: Mau Mau and Its Legacy of Resistance of Colonialism and Imperialism 1948-1990
It is held on the Sunday nearest to July 11 , the date of the signing of the Anglo-Irish truce that ended the War of Independence in 1921.
Synopsis: The American imagination still exalts the Founders as the prime movers of the Revolution, and the War of Independence has become the stuff of legend.
William Sterne Randall's book is the most recent narrative of the war and argues that the War of 1812 was not the "Second War of Independence" but the "War of American Economic Independence" and the final phase of a nearly fifty-year struggle.
IANS New Delhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday remembered Hindutva proponent Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, hailing him as a prominent champion of the 1857 uprising as the First War of Independence and not a revolt or mutiny.
On this auspicious day, I take this opportunity to pay my sincere tribute to 3 million martyrs of our glorious War of Independence, who made supreme sacrifices for the independence of our beloved motherland.
The nation is getting ready to observe the 47th anniversary of independence by paying the highest homage to the war heroes who made Bangladesh a sovereign state through a nine-month war of independence that began on March 26, 1971, reports BSS.
"The war of independence sent a clear message: anything is possible if a nation really wants it," he said, referring to the 1918-1920 war with the Russian empire.
Pawns: Ireland's War of Independence. O'Brien Press (Ireland), November 2017.
Israel proclaimed Jerusalem its capital after the end of the War of Independence in 1949.