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Several questions have emerged from this background: The role and significance of media an unwitting accomplice with the government and its policies, the media actually magnifying the threat and terror in people in the way they report War on Terror instead of allaying their terrors.
Condemning today's terror attack on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi, he tweeted: 'Our enemies operating through their proxies want to belittle and disparage our success in war on terror. Attack on Chinese consulate is not random, enemies of CPEC and peace in this region are active to implement their nefarious agenda thru likes of Kulbashan Jadev.'
The resolution maintains that this war was imposed on Pakistan and reminded the funds which Pakistan received on account of war on terror were actually reimbursement of military services and but the US has withhold this amount too.
By taking sides with the international community in its war on terror, Pakistan has made many enemies for itself.
War on Terror (WoT) was launched by the President Bush after 9/11 attacks in the United States.
We have employed Pearson's Chi-square test and the Likelihood Ratio test to test the association between the type of newspaper and their portrayal, in terms of favourable, unfavourable and neutral, towards the issue of war on terror. The results show that there is significant association at 0.05 level of significance as the p-value (0.045) depicted in table 4 is less than the pre-selected level of significance.
Despite the increased criticism and opposition from the media, the public, Democrats, and other nations for the handling of the war in Iraq, the Bush administration weathered all critical storms with a return to the "war on terror" frame.
War By Other Means: An Insider's Account of the War on Terror comes from one who stayed beyond when most of the Washington, D.C.
Truth and subtlety being early casualties of the war on terror, our politicians and filmmakers have drawn these enemies of the state as two-dimensional demons, casting those who would attack us as murderous madmen who despise our freedom.
IT WASN'T UNTIL after I got to Prague on August 12, on a vacation, that I realized I had obliquely witnessed a small skirmish in the War on Terror. "Look at that," my mother said, pointing to the departures screen as we changed planes in Brussels.
WAR ON TERROR SIDE EFFECTS (The Japan Times, an English-language daily)
The response to 9/11 was swift, with President Bush declaring a war on terror. Citing the need for new rules of warfare to tackle a faceless, stateless enemy, the administration adopted two key strategies.