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WARDEN. A guardian; a keeper. This is the name given to various officers: as, the warden of the prison; the wardens of the port of Philadelphia; church wardens.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It takes a better man than Mr Warden to break up a gathering of this kind.
LAHORE -- From controlling the traffic during political rallies, protests and processions on the busiest roads of Lahore to the day to day traffic management of the city, I think traffic wardens are playing their imperative role in society.
A warden cited the example of a recent incident in which a colleague had to face the wrath of a ruling party MPA for stopping his acquaintance for driving motorcycle without helmet and not having documents.
RAWALPINDI -- The traffic wardens have been directed to remain polite during duty hours and rude attitude with the citizens, even with the traffic rules violators will not be tolerated.
Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Muhammad Bin Ashraf has applauded the services of Traffic warden Asif and announced commendatory certificate and cash prize for him, he said.
"The city council and their senior management team at the city warden service should hold their heads in shame.
TRAFFIC wardens in Coventry have been spat at, punched and even pushed in front of cars, we can reveal.
STREET wardens in Middlesbrough have made a wish come true for wheelchair user Jonathan Seaman.
But CllrKeats said: "He [the warden] knew neighbourhood renewal funding was finished and we [the council] had worked extremely hard with scarce resources to find the pounds 1.6m for a permanent warden service.
The Kirklees Council warden issued a ticket to the white van which was parked on double yellow lines near the Black Horse pub on Lidget Street in Lindley.
back, from left, PC Brian Lee, PCSO Richard Sewell and Brian Lees, street warden. Front, from left, Graham Haughton, chairman of friends of Leyfields residents association, Pete Layton, head street warden and Jo Sands, wardens manager.