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WARDEN. A guardian; a keeper. This is the name given to various officers: as, the warden of the prison; the wardens of the port of Philadelphia; church wardens.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Mr Warden ambled home, very happy and contented, two hours later, with half a franc in his pocket, this comparative wealth being due to the fact that the minimum stake permitted by the Roville casino is just double that sum.
Have you ever thought much about coincidences, Miss Warden? To my mind, they may be described as the zero on the roulette-board of life.'
Beneath this crust of diffidence there is sterling stuff, Miss Warden. People who know me have spoken of me as a little ray of sun--But here is your father.'
Mr Warden was more than usually disappointed with Ruth during dinner.
It had reduced Mr Eugene Warden's self-respect to a minimum.
It had long been Mr Warden's opinion that, if his daughter had a fault, it was a tendency towards a quite unnecessary and highly inconvenient frankness.
Mr Warden drew in his breath, preparatory to an indignant denial, but he altered his mind and remained silent.
'I have brought you some more chocolates, Miss Warden, and some fruit.
The next he had darted across the room, and, before the horrified eyes of Mr Warden, was holding Ruth in his arms.
Almost simultaneously Mr Warden joined in, and there was a striking similarity between the two voices, for Mr Warden, searching for words, emitted as a preliminary to them a sort of passionate yelp.
'I refuse!' shouted Mr Warden. 'I absolutely refuse.'
Have you ever heard of Vince's Stores, Mr Warden? Perhaps they are since your time.