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A member of the group Defacto2, which runs a website dedicated to preserving both warez scene NFO files and crack intros, recalled the importance of NFO files as objects that would initiate him as a member of the pirate scene:
(165) A BSA study showed that warez trading sites increased from 100,000 in 1997 to 900,000 in 1999.
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Phishing (which is sometimes said to stand for "password harvesting fishing," but is more likely a cyber-jargon spelling, as in "warez" and " phreaking ") is a set of techniques for deceiving network users into revealing confidential information, such as passwords, PINs, or bank account numbers.
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Since the internet boom, software firms and media conglomerates have seen a rapid increase in piracy of their products as online file sharing networks and 'warez' trading sites make it easier to exchange all manner of copyrighted material.
Hackers managed to break into one of our servers, placing many gigabytes worth of illicit software--called "warez"--and making it available for the entire world.
In its heyday, ISO News was the premiere Web site of the "warez" community--pirates who crack, copy and distribute movies, software and games largely for fun and the respect of fellow users.
The goal of the cyber criminal may be to deface a website, use a server to host a pirated software distribution site (warez), alter or destroy files, or otherwise misuse resources.
and Canada] @ 2002 MR 22 Law Enforcement Targets Warez Sites (Tech Talk) [Operation Buccaneer] @ 2002 MR 34 Northern Composure @ 2002 MR 50 Training for Tense Times [N.
At 13, he knew and understood hacking, and in high school he picked up warez (pirated software) trading and frequented chat rooms, where other backers traded software files illegally.
On the other hand, staffers may download freeware keystroke loggers from hacker warez sites to turn the tables and illicitly spy on their boss or coworkers (reports Jay Heiser from Infosecuritymag.com "Combating Nonviral Malware", May 2002).