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A member of the group Defacto2, which runs a website dedicated to preserving both warez scene NFO files and crack intros, recalled the importance of NFO files as objects that would initiate him as a member of the pirate scene:
The FBI set up its own servers and lured warez members to store pirated material on them, according to the U.
A) appears to have been distributed in the warez (plirated--software) Community as a crack for Liberty, an application to emulate a Nintendo Gameboy on a Palm PDA operating system.
This figure is more than double the numbers of warez sites from 1998.
For around $30-$60, payable via credit card, the warez vendor will burn the CD and deliver it to the customers doorstep.
Usenet sites that exist solely for the swapping of copyrighted movies and software (so-called warez sites) have existed for ten years with nary a peep from the establishment.
See David McCandless, Warez Wars, WIRED 175 (April 1997); Noah Robischon, Filching for Fun and Profit <http://cgi.
This articulation happened on and around the cypherpunk mailing list where members developed the encryption tool Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) (Hoffman, 1995) and complained about warez, a play on the term software used to describe early online file-sharing (Tetzlaff, 2000), and other matters related to cryptography.
Fairtlough said warez draw people to different sites by generating ``click throughs,'' or pop-up sites that can infect computers with viruses.