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Care to me isn't about being warm and fuzzy at all.
You'll feel extra warm and fuzzy towards the world afterwards - this nutty, vanilla-scented coffee is the first brand where 100 per cent of the gross profit goes back to the coffee farmers themselves - in other words, 16 per cent of the retail price of each tin sold will be returned directly to the farmers via their own trust fund.
// So if you see me dreaming, / please don't make a peep, / because it took a lot of love / for me to finally go to sleep." The warm and fuzzy art style adds a comforting touch to this ideal read-aloud storybook just before a child's bedtime.
At one point in the conference, Dobson told what he intended as a warm and fuzzy story of how he took his son bear hunting, and they each killed one.
It started with Old North Church for a reason: the administration knew that most people would get warm and fuzzy feelings over this church.
"They are not accepting the warm and fuzzy camaraderie as a result of a meeting as a good enough reason to have that meeting."
By the time we roll into February around here, the phrase "warm and fuzzy" elicits thoughts of dry mittens, cozy fleece jogging suits, and slippers being heated by the fireplace.
Although there are concerns about some of the more controversial lay movements such as Opus Dei and Regnum Christi, most do offer everyday Catholics a way not just to feel warm and fuzzy in our own cocoon of community but to be salt of the earth in a mission of witnessing and human development.
Working first in the banking industry after graduating from college in the late the 1980s, Gary Gabriel didn't exactly get a warm and fuzzy first glimpse of the real estate market.