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But I wouldn't worry that somehow clinicians will get too warm and fuzzy.
The following statements in the article "A warm and fuzzy faith" (C.
If not exactly menacing, the piece was not warm and fuzzy either.
Kids flocked to Napster because they could grab free tunes, not because they felt warm and fuzzy in the ersatz digital environment.
If the oil companies can effectively sell themselves as environmentalists, and logging companies as "the tree growing people", Microsoft should be able to dispel the predatory monopolist image with something more warm and fuzzy.
It combines the warm and fuzzy fantasy of paternal concern with the promise of sexual thrills beyond imagining.
It sounds warm and fuzzy, but the dance is simply a quartet to three pop tunes sung by Carmen MacRae and a rhythmic a capella rendition by Zap-Mama.
That makes everybody feel much more warm and fuzzy about doing it.