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The new flat fiberglass is said to facilitate higher fiber loadings and better mechanical properties, including higher impact strength in injection molded thermoplastic composites, while also reducing warpage in thin wall sections.
When the POE-g-MAH content is 40 wt%, the gear can be finished successfully without obvious warpage.
Through the case above, we can understand the pressure-viscosity effect is critical to attaining an accurate warpage prediction, especially for simulating a high injection pressure molding.
This could be to help the part resist deflection under load or to resist warpage.
it was found that the most significant parameter affected warpage deflection is cavity temperature followed by core temperature melt temperature and cooling time.
Measuring and controlling package warpage across the full thermal reflow profile has been standard practice for years and is seen as critically important to final product yield.
For PCB warpage determination, a laser triangulation sensor can be applied.
ForTii drastically improves warpage yield loss and is outperforming any other polyamide as well as PPS and LCP.
A low warpage grade of Vectra LCP has been introduced by Ticona Engineering Polymers as part of the expansion of its portfolio of V-0 halogen-free polymers for use in eco-friendly electrical and electronic components.
This text combines three of their design guide documents for practicing engineers: Moldflow Design Principles, Warpage Design Principles, and the C-MOLD Design Guide.
Its shrinkage at the time of setting is substantially lower than that of Karenz AOI, causing no substrate warpage problem.