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WARRANTEE. One to whom a warranty is made. Touchst. 181.

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30 /PRNewswire/ -- The Spring Air Company said today that it was changing its warrantees as part of its consumer push to drive its quality, service and value theme.
The Firm Is Required To Submit The Warrantee Performance B.
Three of them were warrantees while two others carried a reward of Rs 10,000 each on their head.
The Warwickshire Waste Partnership is also encouraging people to look for opt-out boxes when filling in forms or warrantees, to opt out of having their names shown on the public copy of the electoral role, and to place "No Junk Mail" stickers on letterboxes.
Daphne decided to contact her insurance company Home Serve Warrantees to see if they could help.
Wading through several rows of glistening Kias, the Glendale sales manager said people craving a new car come to his lot for two reasons: attractive automobiles and awesome warrantees.
And they carry the same three-year mechanical, "no leak," and electrical warrantees.
Depending on the type, warrantees on the coating range from 3 to 15 years.
Disclaimers, Warrantees, and User Agreement Provisions
Constructively, Fitch notes that both Trimble County Unit 2 and Prairie State will be built under fixed-price EPC contracts, which incorporate solid guarantees and performance warrantees.