Waste book

WASTE BOOK, com. law. A book used among merchants. All the dealings of the merchant are recorded in this book in chronological order as they occur.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The graduating students of Lyceum are also urged to donate their academic resources such as textbooks, past-papers and notes to the incoming batches via the 'Zero Waste Book Drive'.
The book is the result of a year during which Koestenbaum abandoned his customary journal for a less conventional form: part dream diary, part poetic "waste book," wholly the product of an intense, untethered mind.
Some collect it themselves and others have sold offtheir trade waste book. It is more likely now that businesses will use a private provider.
Later editions have been known by the picturesque word that Lichtenberg himself occasionally employed: Sudelbucher, Lichtenberg's translation of the disused English term "Waste Books." According to the OED, a "waste book" is "A rough account-book ...
But the reflections on style, the marginalia on art, the lists of novels and films, all generously accumulated here, eclipse autobiography, amounting instead to "waste books" affectionately modeled on those of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg.
Editorial note: From "rejectamentalist manifesto: China Mieville's Waste Books," http://chinamieville.net.
Archival evidence in waste books, ledgers, and correspondence between people in the book trades assisted in identifying binders.