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During consecutive tillage, no rainfall occurred and therefore the effects of water erosion on the redistribution of soil constituents were eliminated.
Model of EPM; there are several models used to measure the process of water erosion and quantify erosion and sedimentation.
Soil water erosion on road embankments in eastern Spain, Science of the Total Environment.
Problems of water erosion in mountainous areas such as the Sudetes Mountains were studied by Pierzgalski et al.
Later, the Water Erosion and Prediction Project (WEPP) model was developed (Nearing et al.
The exterior of the building has three almost-organic portals which appear to have been shaped by water erosion open up this space to the city.
Among his topics are natural polymers, applying geo-synthetics to control flooding and water erosion, the stability of an embankment on soft soil, designing limited life geotextiles, the time-dependent behavior of reinforced and unreinforced embankment on soft soil, applying applications of natural polymer fibers as sustainable geotextiles, and applying them during evacuation and relief operations.
Regardless of changes in CN, and the coefficient of runoff, development of water erosion, especially surface erosion, rill erosion, gully erosion and piping erosion were visible in the visit of the area, which can attribute their recent development to their increase amount of surface runoff and discharge, although this may be arise from climate changes, natural factors and other factors.
When Larkin McPhee was commissioned by the University of Minnesota to direct a documentary about the health of the Mississippi River, the filmmaker decided to focus on three critical images: the river's watershed, which resembles a human circulatory system; the aquifer, a major source of drinking water for much of America; and a satellite image of farmland along the river valley, much of which lays bare and exposed to wind and water erosion.
Williams used data from his watershed-scale project to evaluate the applicability of the USDA Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) model for measuring hydrological and erosion processes in the semiarid croplands of the Columbia Plateau.
Natural bridges on the Earth are typically the result of wind and water erosion - not a likely scenario on the Moon," he said.
The Yorkshire Dales site has suffered from serious water erosion in recent years, exacerbated by heavy rainfall, with road maintenance and removal of mine waste adding to its problems.

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