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Themes in this category were wind erosion, water erosion and soil compaction.
The sinkhole was caused by natural water erosion through the limestone beneath Pte Ryan's grave - and his remains were hidden beneath the fallen mud and rubble.
17 million hectare is affected by water erosion and 4.
The new road will be built above sea level to avoid water erosion while helping drain rainwater and boost the road capacity to withstand the expected increase in vehicles.
Sinkholes are common in Florida, which is full of underground caverns which collapse due to water erosion.
Florida essentially sits on a system of caverns," Chief Ron Rogers said, saying water erosion in the caverns causes them to collapse and sinkholes to form on the surface.
SOIL EROSION: THEN AND NOW 1982 2007 Water Erosion (sheet and rill) 4.
ls, The strange heaps of dolomite rock were actually carved by water erosion and resemble pillars, arches and animals - some even look like human faces One is said to look like Queen faces.
In contrast, most water erosion research assumes the simplest conditions: bare soils (no cover or mulch) of known texture and bulk density, on mild slopes (< 10%) with no infiltration-limiting layer.
Most of the study area particularly the northern hilly terrain is subjecting to moderate to extreme water erosion resulting in the siltation of these minor and medium irrigation systems and reducing their irrigation potential, causing flooding, breaching of bunds etc.
Wind and water erosion are serious problems in dry regions.

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