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Funds set aside to cover future expenses, losses, or claims. To retain; to keep in store for future or special use; to postpone to a future time.A legal reserve is a monetary account required by law to be established by insurance companies and banks as protection against losses.

A trial court reserves a point of law by setting it aside for future consideration and allowing the trial to proceed as if the question had been resolved, subject to alteration of the judgment in the event the court en banc decides the question differently.

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v. to keep for oneself a right or a portion of the real property when transferring (conveying) a parcel of real estate to another. (See: reservation)

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On the other hand, the Mangla Dam water level has surged up to 1225.60 feet, water inflow was recorded at 50,185 and discharge at 15,000 cusecs, while the usable water reserve measured stands at 61,29,000 acre-feet.
Mineral water reserves of Narzan type discovered in NarynFile image AKIPRESS.COM - A bottled water plant might be built at the site of the mineral carbon dioxide (Narzan type) discovered at the Kara-Keche spring, Jumgal district head Adyl Saparov said.
During the meeting, an exchange of views was held on the problem of desertification in Azerbaijan, the causes contributing to drought, including the reduction of water reserves, the importance of rational use of water and reduction of water losses.
The MPA said he had advised the government to provide Tharis with water by setting up more plants, adding that Thar desert had enough water reserves which could be utilised for decades.
There are a number of measures we can take both as individuals and companies to ensure we conserve our dwindling water reserves. At home, simple actions like turning off the water while brushing your teeth go a long way in water conservation.
Meanwhile, in a message on World Water Day, the CM said that securing the depleting water reserves is a national obligation
HUB -- Water reserves in Hub Dam is near to depletion and only one feet is left in the dam.
HUB: Water reserves in Hub Dam are near to depletion and only one feet is left in the dam.
The case concerns the depleted water reserves in the Katas Raj pond due to ground water extraction by cement factories in the area.
It was said that 10,000MW will be produced for 30 years but according to experts the project will lower underground water reserves and affect the environment.'

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