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Minister of Agriculture Nurbek Murashev, in turn, said that the agreement on the Orto-Tokoy water reservoir is undergoing ratification process in Uzbekistan.
In absence of dams and water reservoirs in the Province, most of the flash floods passed to the Indian Ocean and we are unable to store it the gift of the nature," Nawab Sanaullah Zehri told the people present on the spot.
On the direction of PAC members, federal secretary submitted the details of water outflow from the three water reservoirs and added 30000 cusec water from Mangla dam, 32000 cusec from Tarbela dam and 35000 cusec water from Chashma is out flowing which is less than previous years.
The construction of the Lusaily water reservoir supports the Dewa's efforts to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the water network, increase water flow to fulfil increasing demand for water in all parts of Dubai, and raise the volume of the Emirate's water reserves and support sustainable development," said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, managing director and chief executive officer of the Dewa.
The work on this new 6000 metric ton water reservoir is on in full swing and is likely to be completed within a month's time.
The residents lived a few meters from the water reservoir operated by the local water utility being run by the town government, Calayco said.
Settlers had also attempted more than once to burn down and destroy the water reservoir over the past few weeks.
Keeping in mind these problems, the District Development Assembly (DDAs) of Muqur requested a water reservoir project, a demand that was accepted and the project implemented in the village.
This has led to a major overhaul campaign of Bulgaria's extensive water reservoir system.
The report called for the establishment of seawater desalination plants to compensate for the acute shortage of water needed in Gaza, and to stop the drilling of new water wells as they drain the underground water reservoir.
the construction of additional water reservoir storage--were substantially completed in 2009.
Thanks to 'wadera mindset', Manchar Lake may permanently become a dirty water reservoir.

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