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The specific objective of this work is to examine the effect of Polyglycerol polyricinoleate (PGPR- 4175) on the stability and rheology of Water-in-Oil emulsions having various aqueous phase contents.
Chow, "Electroacoustic Method for Monitoring the Coalescence of Water-in-Oil Emulsions," Colloids and Surfaces 46, 177-192 (1990).
In the current investigation, the effects of different concentrations of water over the stability of water-in-oil emulsion were studied, using fixed amounts of emulsifier (monoglyceride), sodium chloride and the mango's pulp.
Wu (2003) has developed a method of collecting surface material from water-in-oil emulsions in quantities sufficient for chemical analysis.
Steric stabilization by block copolymers can also be used in solid water-in-oil emulsion forms (makeup foundation) to confer slipperiness and easy disintegration when the products are applied using fingers or a sponge.
In water-in-oil emulsions with the same water-phase content and particle size, the viscosity directly correlates with the viscosity of the continuous phase; i.