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Corner Shot develops and manufactures weapon systems for observing and engaging targets from around the corner.
We provide cradle-to-grave support: from research and development of new technologies; to test and evaluation of weapon system performance; to providing professional acquisition support to the assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, who is responsible for the acquisition of new weapon systems; to the day-to-day sustainment of every weapon system across our Air Force; to preserving our legacy aircraft for potential future use by the Air Force and our allies.
When developing an end-user agreement, the basis in considering a request for approval for any transfer of a weapon or weapon system, is that the U.
Under the contract, BAE Systems will provide system engineering and integration support for the Trident II (D5) Fleet Ballistic Missile Strategic Weapon System (SWS) program.
By this process, state-of-the-art technologies are inserted continuously into weapon systems to increase reliability, lower sustainment costs, and increase the warfighting capability to meet evolving customer requirements throughout an indefinite service life.
If the weapon system is no longer in the DLA weapon system support program, the sponsoring service will request establishment of a new weapon system designator code.
We cannot afford to recapitalize all our aging systems at the same time, yet each program is still being guided by the Cold War acquisition philosophy--to use our robust industrial base to produce as many weapon systems as possible, as fast as possible, with the most advanced technology available.
government contracts with industry on behalf of the FMS customer) or DCS (customers buy directly from industry) to purchase logistics support for new weapon systems as well as follow-on logistics support.
The Army has identified a requirement for a low-cost precision weapon system to fill the critical weapon system gap between the current aimed Hydra-70 rocket system and the HELLFIRE anti-armor missile.
Project Manager Soldier Weapons supports soldiers through the development and production of current and future weapon systems, ammunition, and associated target acquisition/fire control products.
FORT WORTH, Texas & PHILADELPHIA -- Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, one of the world's largest systems integrators, and MCA Solutions, the service supply chain leader, have teamed up to research performance-based logistics (PBL) agreements for weapon systems and equipment support.

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