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The first Web search engine was "Wandex", a now-defunct index collected by the World Wide Web Wanderer, a web crawler developed by Matthew Gray at MIT in 1993.
Clearly, the author's name is one of the most useful retrieval points, even though it may occur only once--on the title page--and not meet the frequency requirements that typical Web search engine retrieval would impose to bring a reference to the top of a results set.
The introductory chapters focus on the history and structure of Web search engines.
The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines provides wonderful summaries of the capabilities of the major Web search engines.
A growing body of large-scale quantitative or qualitative studies is exploring these issues, including the effectiveness and limitations of Web search engines (Lawrence & Giles, 1998) and how users search the Web (Silverstein et al.
The first 200 information professionals to enter this contest will enter a search question on either Dow Jones' Publications Library or KRI's DIALOG and then pose the same question on at least one, and up to three, Web search engines.
One of the first solutions is the Endeca Sitemap Generator, which simplifies the task of ensuring that the right pages are indexed by the key Web search engines.
11] Trudi Bellardo Hahn, Text Retrieval Online: Historical Perspective on Web Search Engines, pp.
We wanted to do something that the web search engines wouldn't be able to do - use the information in our content management system to make a browsable search experience.
First of all, the sophisticated DOI technology built into MarketLinks application includes search engine optimization benefits which make the titles of participating publishers easier to find on the major Web search engines, various partner sites, on targeted Web portals.
E[acute accent]--IYP offers a more efficient local search experience - In the five categories examined, Web search engines accounted for 66 percent of consumers searching for local information, while IYP sites accounted for 34 percent.