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Aureus Sciences has built its new web portal around its knowledge platform, which analyses, indexes and organises critical chemical and bioactivity information of the druggable genome into best-in-class scientific databases for use by researchers involved in the drug discovery process.
If a web portal is designed with a folder structure that resembles the paper world, users will more rapidly adapt to the system.
She then repeated the same procedure with KidsClick, another children's Web portal.
My Library is a page built into MyUB, the University at Buffalo campus web portal.
The web portal allows for communications to go back and forth between project team members without needing to wait for a project manager to pass along the communication.
This neutral format allows designs made in any 3D CAD package to be incorporated into the project design and viewed on the web portal.
The Web Portal has to be designed in a way that enables easy relocation of the complete portal to another hosting location, automatic backup and independent manual back up of the entire system at any moment.
The academic Web portal used in SOM 210 could be customized by each student team.
The CompTIA Industry Web Portal for Services and Support is targeted at providers of first levels of support, such as a help desk, call center or support center; as well as for field and desk-side support technicians," said Richard Rysiewicz, vice president, services, CompTIA.
The web portal also enables the sharing of knowledge, expertise and examples of professional experience in the field of public and private rights and access to full-time seminars.
The web portal that ePlus designed for us is a valuable information resource, providing all of our employees across all locations with enhanced visibility into corporate affairs, events, and resources.
0% of revenues due to increased investment in automation initiatives, including the development of PGI's new Web portal designed to bring the Company's products and services online.