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WEEK. Seven days of time.
     2. The week commences immediately after twelve o'clock, on the night between Saturday and Sunday, and ends at twelve o'clock, seven days of twenty-four hours each thereafter.
     3. The first day of the week is called Sunday; (q.v.) the second, Monday; the third, Tuesday; the, fourth, Wednesday; the fifth, Thursday; the sixth, Friday; and the seventh, Saturday. Vide 4 Pet. S. C. Rep. 361.

References in classic literature ?
I will answer for it that we shall find no inconvenience from narrow roads on Wednesday.
In the opening game he had behaved in the goal-mouth like a Chinese cracker, and exhibited an absolutely impassable defence; and from then onward, except for an occasional check, Houndsditch Wednesday had never looked back.
The months sped by; the Cup-ties began, and soon it was evident that the Final must be fought out between Houndsditch Wednesday and Mr Jacob Dodson's pet team, Manchester United.
On the run of the season's play Houndsditch Wednesday
stated that his decision, arrived at after a close and careful study of the work of both teams, was that Houndsditch Wednesday had rather less chance in the forthcoming tourney than a stuffed rat in the Battersea Dogs' Home.
Houndsditch Wednesday met Manchester United at the Crystal Palace, and for nearly two hours the sweat of agony trickled unceasingly down the corrugated foreheads of the patriots in the stands.
This was the sad finale of every reflection: and Captain Tilney's letter would certainly come in his absence; and Wednesday she was very sure would be wet.
And now, Wednesday night, she was going with Billy.
At three on the Wednesday afternoon, that bit of the painting was completed.
Did you notice your work here, on the Wednesday afternoon, after you had done it?
Who was the last person in the room, the last thing on Wednesday night?
Likewise, for Mrs Tapkins at Home, Wednesdays, Music, Portland Place.