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ANCHOR. A measure containing ten gallons. Lex, Mereatoria.

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Although, still listing precariously, the ship weighed anchor by 4:00AM this morning and is slowly (4-5 Knots of speed) proceeding to Karwar harbour.
We weighed anchor last night as passengers enjpyed a post-dinner coffee or something stronger in one of the myriad of bars on board.
Given a 2015 theme of "Pirates and the High Seas", they quickly weighed anchor and hoisted their mizzens.
Yet endurance and sacrifice prevailed, and the last troopships weighed anchor on Christmas Eve.
The battle scenes are gripping, the losses grave, but the last troop ships weighed anchor on Christmas Eve, making good on MacArthur's boast.
FAMILIES weighed anchor for free trips down the canal in Mirfield.
When all were on board, we put off from the wharf and remained at anchor in the harbor until Thursday morning, when at a given signal, we weighed anchor and started for Fortress Monroe.
The breakfast show pair were decked out in pirate gear as they weighed anchor at the Hippodrome for their special appearance in the production of Robinson Crusoe and the Caribbean Pirates, alongside I'm A Celebrity.